Wallcovering Installation

Professionally installed  Wallpaper, vinyl wallcoverings, fabric wallcoverings, and textured wallcoverings

When it comes to design and décor; some trends fly by faster than summer in Wisconsin, while others seem to stand the test of time. Looking ahead, there are some great design trends that will continue to be strong, including some of our favorites; the use of layers, textures, natural fibers, and bringing nature into your indoor spaces.

One way to easily incorporate these elements is to use a textured wallcovering such as; seagrass or strings. They instantly add the texture of natural fibers and soften the feel of your space. Wallcoverings add depth and character–and they’re incredibly versatile! With a wide variety of unique wallcoverings to choose from, you’re sure to find the right feel for your space. Wallcoverings are well-suited for: rustic, country, classic, and elegant styles


Tuxeddo fabric wallcovering installation