Wallpaper is making a comeback.

There are advantages to decorating with wallpaper. When professionally installed, most wallcoverings will last twenty years or more and are fairly easy to remove. Wallpaper can reproduce intricate and detailed patterns for a fraction of what an artist would charge to paint a wall by hand. Wallcoverings are available in an endless array of materials, patterns and textures that really can’t be replicated with a brush. Some good examples of this would be grass cloth, burlap, tuxedo fabric, and strings.

Tuxedo Fabric at the entrance to the boardroom at a new media company in Madison, Wisconsin.

Tuxedo fabric is supplied with unfinished edges that must be table trimmed before installation using a butt-fit seam technique; all without getting any paste on the face of the fabric!

We recently installed this very delicate paper in a bathroom remodel taking place in a home near Baraboo, Wisconsin. This single-layer tissue thickness paper was installed by hand-pasting the backs of the sheets.

After the old paper was stripped and the walls repaired and prepped, we installed this soft floral pattern in a master bedroom near Reedsburg, Wisconsin.

This was a paper-backed vinyl and was fairly easy to install in the entry of a private home in Mauston, Wisconsin. Holding patterns straight and plumb is a hallmark of professional wallpaper installation.

Dan Fulwiler Painting also offers Custom Printed Wallpaper and Wall Canvas, produced by our own artisans right here in our shop. Imagine a drone shot of your cabin up north covering an entire wall of your office… or a family portrait that covers a main wall of your family room! What can we Print or Install for you?


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